Monday, January 3, 2011

COLA Drops for Many, Sub Smoking Ban Kicks In and More Military Insider
27 Dec 2010
Smoking Ban Kicks In on Navy Submarines

Smoking Ban Kicks In on Navy Submarines
Starting Jan. 1, one of the liveliest spots aboard most submarines will wither away into the history books. RIP, Smoke Pit. The reason: Testing showed that despite air filtering, there were "unacceptable levels" of secondhand smoke on submerged submarines. Read More


Latest Military News

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    SpecOps Videos: SEALs, Green Bret, SCAR Demo
    2010 Top Original Videos
    COLA Drops for Many
    Navy Facebook Stunt Almost Dooms Helos
    Another Deadly Milestone in Afghan War
    China Closer on 'Carrier Killer' Missile


State Veteran's Benefits
Veterans pursuing their educational goals are usually eligible for "educational assistance for students" in most states. Check out our on-line general summary of educational benefits for veterans and their dependents. Read More


What's Hot
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Guide to Military Uniforms: Army Uniforms & Insignia
2011 Pay News: 1.4% Increased Proposed


Featured Discount: Military Deals in 2011
Search thousands of Military Discounts on to find top products -- Food & Beverage, Automotive, Fitness Gear, Travel, Electronics, and more. Read More


Videos of the Week

NASA Rocket Engine Test Huge Miclic Blasts in Afghanistan Build Your Own Jetbike

NASA Rocket Engine Test


Huge Miclic Blasts in Afghanistan


Build Your Own Jetbike


Featured Job: Veterans Wanted in 2011
Top companies around the nation and overseas are looking for your military experience. Start off 2011 by searching for jobs and careers that leverage your training and experience. Search jobs now. Read More


Slideshow: Military Year in Review
2011 Military Career Expos: View Calendar
DT: Success! EMALS Launches Super Hornet
Military Buddy Finder: Reconnect with Friends
Equipment Guide: M198 155mm Towed Howitzer

Resolution Time -- How Will You Keep Your Family Protected in 2011?
Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance coverage ends 120 days after you leave active-duty service. Do you have plans for how you are going to meet your life insurance needs once your SGLI expires? Read More
Charge May be Dropped in Afghan Civilian Death
An Army investigator looking into the case of Washington state-based Soldiers who are accused of killing three Afghan civilians has recommended dropping a murder charge against the alleged ringleader. Read More
AF Marathon Registration Opens Jan. 1
Air Force Marathon officials announced they will open registration for the 2011 marathon Jan. 1, with special sale pricing for New Year's Day. Read More

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