Monday, May 9, 2011

Military Insider: Bin Laden Planned to Derail US Train


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Military Insider

02 May 2011






Inside Bin Laden's Lair With SEAL Team 6

Inside Bin Laden's Lair With SEAL Team 6
Just about every contingency the 25 commandos trained for came at them, rapidly, chaotically and dangerously, in their lunge for Osama bin Laden. Read More


Latest Military News

    Bin Laden Planned to Derail US Train
    With Bin Laden Gone, Will US Stick to War Plan?
    If Torture Led to Bin Laden, Does America Approve?
    Obama Honors Two Killed in Korean War With MoH
    House Proposal Gives Troops 1.6 Percent Pay Hike
    Army: Manning Fit to Stand Trial
    Kabul AF Deaths Worst Since Khobar Towers
    Airmen Engage Hostiles to Retrieve Downed GIs
    Rumsfeld Criticizes CIA-Afghan Turnover
    Combat Stress as 'Moral Injury' Offends Marines
    Vietnam-Era Green Beret Finally Returns Home
    Pearl Harbor Visitors Now Get Japanese and US View
    Hueys Retire From Europe



Videos of the Week


Snipers in Action

KitUp! Hits the Range with LWRC

Raw Car Bomb Footage from Iraq


Snipers in Action


KitUp! Hits the Range with LWRC


Raw Car Bomb Footage from Iraq



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