Monday, May 23, 2011

Military Insider: Chinese General - Military No Match for US Military Insider
16 May 2011
Chinese General: Military No Match for US

Chinese General: Military No Match for US
"I can tell you that China does not have the capability to challenge the United States," Gen. Chen Bingde said, adding that China's wealth and military strength pales in comparison with that of the U.S. Read More


Latest Military News

    Recon Marine Awarded Navy Cross
    Navy Names Ship for Cesar Chavez Despite Protest
    Ex-Army 'Birther' Doctor Released From Leavenworth
    Obama's Mideast Speech Offers Punishment, Praise
    Santorum Raps McCain on Interrogation
    After 2 Months, No End in Sight to Libya Air Campaign
    SEAL Mania Grips Nation in Wake of Raid
    US Navy Drones: Coming to a Carrier Near China?
    Report: Helo Pilots Get Secret Care to Save Careers
    Gates: We Must Think Before We Cut
    Vang Pao Gets Arlington Ceremony After Burial Snub
    More TRICARE Changes Planned
    Feds: W.Va. Man Posed as Army General in Job Hunt


Videos of the Week

1200lb Bomb On a Rope Armored Landcruiser Blast Test Navy SEAL Snipers

1200lb Bomb On a Rope


Armored Landcruiser Blast Test


Navy SEAL Snipers


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Best Resale Value for 2011 Cars
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Use it or Lose it: GI Bill Benefits
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