Monday, May 23, 2011

Texas Military Absentee Voting overhaul

NOW is the time!     "Our voting bill" -- SB-100  is being heard on Tue 24 May in the TX House. This is the time for all hands to pick up a phone and call your Texas Representative, today and tomorrow!!!   Tue, 24 May is the LAST DAY for Senate Bills to be heard in the TX House.    ((Regardless of where you are, what you do, you are STILL entitled to express your opinion as a citizen of Texas!!!  CALL!!!))

Background: SB-100 has advanced to the House calendar.  This is the culmination of a several-year effort by veterans' groups to improve military absentee voting.  We supported the pilot project in 2007 for sending an unmarked ballot to members mobilized with a *.mil email address.   We learned a lot from the pilot study, and there are substantial improvements over the 2007 effort.

This bill will bring Texas into compliance with the Military Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act, which was introduced by Senator Cornyn in 2008, and was amended to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2010 in 2009.  This is
now federal law and the improvements Texas Secretary of State made by allowing anyone outside their Texas county of residence -- at our request -- mean that guardsmen and reservists mobilized in Texas from Texarkana to El Paso, can have an unmarked ballot emailed to them.   Feature the fun of being "activated" in El Paso and trying to get to Texarkana to attend voting?! 

Action:  Get the name and number, pick up the 'phone and dial locally.The simple message:   "I am a CONSTITUENT.  I am also a veteran (or veterans' spouse/parent/whatever applies?) and I ask you to support SB-100 when it is read again in the House on Tue 24 May!  This bill represents a long-time effort by veterans on behalf of our men and women in uniform.   We all believe that those who are defending us, certainly deserve to vote and have their vote counted!!!   Thank you!!!"

TCVO will be attempting to learn WHEN on Tue the bill will be heard so we can "man the gallery with veterans in their organizational colors".    You don't have to do this -- JUST PICK UP THE 'PHONE, make a local call!!!   

If you don't know your TX Representative, you can Google:  texas legislature online.       About where the bulls eye is on the home page is a box, "Who represents me?"   Look just below the Gold Star w/ Texas spelled around it.  Enter your address and ZIP Code, you will learn who represents you:
-- Senators in DC (clickable links)
-- Representative in DC
-- Senator in Austin
-- Representative in Austin  <----  This is the name and number YOU WANT!!!
You will get capitol and district office addresses and telephone numbers.  While it is on the screen -- MAKE THE CALL!!!   Leave a message and ask the member call you back.    I just did!!!

Remember: There is NOTHING like, "I am a constituent..."

Thanks for your help!!!    Texas veterans also thank you!!!
Please circulate this far and wide.

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