Monday, June 6, 2011

Pay and Benefits Cuts are 'On the Table'

Your GI Bill benefits may be expiring. Use your $51,000+ now for your education.
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30 May 2011
Mullen Says Pay, Benefit Cuts 'On the Table'

Mullen Says Pay, Benefit Cuts 'On the Table'
The Pentagon's top officer said that servicemembers will likely see cuts in pay and benefits as the military plumbs its budget for nearly half a trillion dollars in savings over the next 12 years. Read More


Latest Military News

    Wounded Ranger to Be Awarded Medal of Honor
    Obama Picks Dempsey as Chairman of Joint Chiefs
    Is Libyan Op Illegal Now?
    First Servicemember Fired Under DADT Since October
    Blue Angels CO Resigns Over Unsafe Maneuver
    SF Trying to Adjust Army Doctrine
    Don't Bring a Motorbike to a Tank Fight
    Medics Brave Fire to Save Lives in Afghan War
    House Passes $42.3B Homeland Security Funding Bill
    Army Judges Weigh Military Trials for Civilians


Videos of the Week

Special Forces Attack Taliban Fighters Ride-Along with The Golden Knights Taliban Snipers Try to Pin Down US Platoon

Special Forces Attack Taliban Fighters


Ride-Along with The Golden Knights


Taliban Snipers Try to Pin Down US Platoon


Answer the "What-ifs"
Navy Mutual Aid Association answers the "what-ifs" by providing you personalized life insurance without military service or travel restrictions. Even better, this insurance belongs to you and stays with you after you separate or retire from the military. Let us help you protect those who matter most. Read More


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Rank Your Priorities for VA Refinance Before Rates Rise
VA-eligible borrowers have many reasons to consider a refinance loan. Ranking your priorities can help determine which VA refinance is right for you. Read More


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Shipping Your Vehicle Overseas
If you've received a new assignment and have decided to leave your personal vehicle at home, there's a few insurance options available to you. But if you're keen on taking your car with you to your new duty station, or bought a POV overseas while stationed there and want to ship it home, get familiar with the rules below -- you may be able to ship your vehicle at no cost to you. Read More
Benefit Reminder: Use it or Lose it
The GI Bill is currently worth more than $51,000. You have 10 years from your last discharge to use the GI Bill. Don't let your benefit expire. Connect with schools to get a degree that will open doors to better jobs and higher pay. Read More
Women Breaking Barriers in Navy, Not SEALs Yet
While America's last 10 years of war have propelled women into new and far more risky roles across the military, there are still some doors that are closed. Chief among those are the special operations forces. But perhaps that door is inching open. Read More
Disney Withdraws Navy SEAL Trademark Application
The Walt Disney Co. has withdrawn its application to trademark the phrase "SEAL Team 6," the elite unit that killed Osama bin Laden, after the Navy moved to protect its rights and the entertainment giant endured a wave of criticism and late-night jibes. Read More
Critics: Military Should Cover Abortion After Rape
Though rape is a problem of deep concern to the U.S. military, its health plan doesn't cover abortions for victims who become pregnant -- a policy that indignant critics are now pushing to change. Read More
11 Words Still Classified in Pentagon Papers
Forty years after they hit front pages, the Pentagon Papers will be released by the government next month. But wait! Eleven words of the finally declassified history of U.S. involvement in Vietnam will remain secret. Read More
Bin Laden Raid Avenged Secret CIA Deaths
For a small cadre of CIA veterans, the death of Osama bin Laden was more than just a national moment of relief and closure. It was also a measure of payback, a settling of a score for a pair of deaths, the details of which have remained a secret for 13 years. Read More

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