Thursday, September 8, 2011

Retiree Insider: Petraeus Retires & Retirement Benefits Questions Answered

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05 Sep 2011






Petraeus Retires with 37 Years of Service

Petraeus Retires with 37 Years of Service
Gen. David Petraeus is bidding farewell to the Army that has been his life and the troops that have been his family for 37 years. It's a sharp and unexpected career turn for the man many thought would ultimately become the top officer in the land - chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Read More




Retirement Reform Watch
The Associated Press is reporting that the Defense Business Board's expected "final report" and recommendations on retirement pay won't be ready this month and will likely take a couple more weeks. Read More



Sgt. Shaft: Spouse Questions on Retirement Benefits
My husband retired after 22 years of active service. At the time of retirement he elected to participate in the survivors benefit program. If he should die what effect does all of this have on my survivor benefits? Read More Shopping: Challenge Coins & Military Gear's shopping channel is your one-stop shop for all things military. Challenge coins, medals and ribbons, and service specific gear. Shop now. Read More

Ask June: Remarriage reinstates SBP, but not for a Year
I just remarried my previous husband of 27 years who is now 81 years old and in poor health. He needs a caregiver. Since he is retired military, we were told the plan would be immediately reinstated. We have four children. Now they are saying that if he dies within one year no benefits will be paid. Read More

Don't Fear Scary Retirement Headlines
Military careerists have been spun up this month, unnecessarily in our view, by sensational headlines and news bulletins about a plan to "slash" their retirement, citing a "Pentagon study. Read More

Programs Help Vets' Job Search
Communities, nonprofit organizations and companies are reaching out to support unemployed American veterans in their search for work, and one of the companies joining in the effort is information technology giant, Microsoft Corp. Read More

Healthcare Choices When You Separate or Retire
It seems like only yesterday I made that leap from military life to the civilian world. Many of the benefits I took for granted on active duty now fell squarely in my lap - like health insurance. Read More

Small Business Myths Debunked
The small business world is fraught with uncertainty and rumors. Here are 5 more small business myths that have been debunked. Read More



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